MHR (solo)

MHR is the pseudonym under which Max releases new works. Here you will find songs, classically-bent compositions, collaborations, and everything else.

Psychic Love

Psychic Love is a "dream grunge" band of which Max was a member on lead guitar and keyboards (2015-2017).


Typographers were a band Max started with long-time collaborator Hannah Hawker. Contributions include lead guitar, piano, keyboards, bass, and backing vocals (2015).

Wet Mouth

Wet Mouth was formed when Max met Norwegian musician Veslemøy Holseter while students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). They subsequently formed Wet Mouth, recording an EP with Caesar Edmunds (Assault & Battery Studios) while touring various parts of the U.K and Norway (2010-2011).


Overjoy are an LA electronic trio who asked Max to contribute lead guitar and keyboards for their EP 'Another' (2015).


Velvet (fronted by Emily Gold) features Max on lead guitar for the majority of their studio tracks (2017).