Maxwell Harrison

These are works which Maxwell releases under his own name. Here you'll find songs, classical compositions, collaborations, and everything else.

Psychic Love

Psychic Love was a "dream grunge" band of which Maxwell was a member on lead guitar and keyboards (2015-2017).


Overjoy are an LA-based electronic trio who asked Maxwell to contribute lead guitar and keyboards for their EP 'Another' (2015).

Wet Mouth

Wet Mouth was formed by Maxwell and Norwegian vocalist/bassist Veslemøy Holseter while students at the Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA). They recorded with Caesar Edmunds (Assault & Battery Studios, London) and headlined various festivals in the UK and Norway such as Finnstad Festival and Liverpool Music Week in 2011 (2010-2011).


Typographers was the project of Maxwell and LA-based vocalist/guitarist Hannah Hawker. Their debut EP, Sweeter Things, features Maxwell on guitar, keyboards, bass, and harmony vocals as well as featuring a co-write with Hawker (2015).


Velvet (fronted by Emily Gold) features Maxwell on lead guitar for the majority of their studio tracks (2017).